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Wordpress dont't work


I have already purchace the pitchprint subscription and I do not receive any file details in my orders. It all works fine and seems to work so, but no file after paying the order. This is big problem with my startup company and i have already sent the ticket #3699.

Pls help!!!!

(152 KB)

Also the https://pitchprint.netadmin/domains don't work for api key. I use the old link from older version of PP (

While Isaac look your ticket have you thinking to look at on tyour dashboard of pitchprint in the section "Projet" for download the project of your customer for this order ?


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Hi Jean-Pierre.

It works!

I don't know who is the client (i can't match the paypal email with order) but at time it works.

Thanks for your help!!!!!!

P.S. Is it possible to delete projects from Pitcprint panel?

Hi, no problem, no is not possible for the moment but it will be great yes for a new feature to have the possibility to do that :)


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Thanks again Jean-Pierre

The problem solved with security regulations in the server.

Thanks Isaac.

Hi George, now it's possible to delete the save projects of your customer on your Pitch print dashboard :)


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Thanks Jean-Pierre!

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