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Helvetica Font always showing up in generated PDF - throws error

As mentioned above, we've sent some of the editor designs to the print production process, but here it gets stopped, since the preflight tool mourns about the mentioned helvetica type-1 font, which isn't embedded ( but listed ).

As we do not use helvetica in ANY of our PDF's I wonder why the heck it's in the PDF and how it get's there? More important even, how to get rid of it? We cannot open every client's PDF just to remove an unimported font, so a quick fix would be highly appreciated.

See screenshot attached.


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I'm sorry, but slowly I am getting really annoyed. Ticket + Forum = no response, 4 days long.

We're going live with the production problem, yet, as a paying customer I expect that my problems and tickets are answered in time. Or at least an info about how long until one can expect the problem as solved.

I've found, that when I remove the Helvetica in the CSS style of the EDITOR BODY, it won't be used in the PDF - yet, since giving the body tag in the "Settings" area of pitchprint admin panel (own CSS) another font will not be recognized, this is just a temporary workaround for the admin. Can't be, that someone needs to edit the edtior each time prior to editing a design / layout.

So please, get rid of this "Helvectica" crap, as noone ever uses this.

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