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Price Selector Element and Inline Selector Element

I just noticed under Settings on my PP dashboard the Inline Selector Element and the Price Selector Element.  While they say what they do,there is no info on how to make them do it.  Any help on how to use these two features?

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For The Price Selector Element : Isaac will make a post on that later but I know it depend of your e-commerce plateform, exemple for Prestashop you just need to enter #our_price_display on the field (Price Selector Element) in the general settings of Pitch Print.

You can use firebug or other web developpement for find the right class to enter and select you price section on your product page and look the code for see the class, exemple on my product page in attachement.

For more detail while a post/tuto on that  you can create a ticket and Issac will tell you what write exactly for your store.


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