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most of my images have gone from my designs

Most of my images have gone from my designs after the server was down will these be coming back?

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Yes the same here, on the front part and dahsboard.


I've had to shut down my website "under maintenance"

Hope it will be repaired asap :( !!

Hi  Isaac,

We still encounter big problems. Images of our designs are gone.

Our clients can’t do new designs and so can’t buy.

Could you make quickly an update about this problem ? Is it still due to Amazon #s3 outage ?



I think yes is still about the amazon server because can't connect to the dashboard also.


Hi guys, we are working on this.


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Courage :)


Bon courage, thanks !

A un autre français :)


Eh oui ! :)

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Some good news about this?

Still some few hours to go.

Apologies for the inconveniences

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Great we can connect to the dahsboard but still some images gone :)



Could you please give a status of the outage ?


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