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Thumbnail Preview don't work

 Hi Isaac

On the setting on the design, the thumbnail preview has 2 bugs :

1. When we upload an image as thumbnail preview we can't add to the design, we need to refresh the page and come back to the setting for click on the image.

2. The thumbnail preview don't show on the dahsboard of pitch pint and also on the store with the design selector. It's always the first page.

  1. Fixed.
  2. The whole idea of the thumbnail is to make a product preview look like the product. As such, it's not fitting for the admin dashboard. Maybe fore product page, but that will be a feature request.

Si if I understand for the moment the thumbnail preview option is here for nothing or it work for where ?

Because exemple here I've put the thumbnail preview for don't have the white first page on the tab of design selector :


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