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Text Art Remix

 Hi Isaac

As you can see in attachement I use text art for create some templates with custom shape, usuallt as you can see when we drag and drop the placement of the text art is good.

But in the second part of the vidéo the placement is not good because thoses text arts remix is enable and setting on the chain tab on the designer you see ?


Please can you give me url for this.


Fixed this issue, should reflect in few minutes.

But then Remix won't work unless items are on the canvas, not in a group. Will perhaps put option to ungroup a group with Remix shapes??

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Yes this feature will be very nice, thanks :)



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It's amazing thanks so much. But can you check the link for this a little bug :

On the first double page add a text art on the category "livre photo" and add photos with photo remix, it work then go on a next page and put an another or the same text art and add photo by photo remix, you'll see the problem :) can't navigate on the pages after.

I don't test because can't do that with the bug but if the customer customize one page with the text art and photo remix, if he want to do the same on the second page with the same or a new text art and photo remix you think the page before stay as the customer has customize (that great) or the page before is also randomize (bad :)) ?


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