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SVG Filters

I am trying to produce some SVG files for banner backgrounds using Adobe Illustrator CC. 

I am applying SVG filters to the graphics (i.e. Shadow etc) which keeps the file as pure SVG and does not rasterise the effect.

When I import the SVG into pitchprint I have the basic graphic but it has stripped out the SVG filter that has been applied. i.e. The drop shadow is not there.

Any ideas ?

Chris Gee

Hi Chris,

It's pretty difficult migrating those filters down to the end PDF and get a wysiwyg. They are entirely different environments with different metrics and variables.

As for now, it's best if you flatten the image and rasterise it.


i don't think rasterising it solves the problem as we are producing a lot of wide format printing. It is not going to look too good on a 3 m banner if it is rasterised.

Vector graphics do seem to be the weak link in all web to print solutions a the moment, most printers who print wide format need and expect vector graphics. Raster graphics are OK if you are only doing phone cases etc

The SVG filters in Illustrator were specifically designed for this purpose. To be able to keep the graphic as "pure" vector. If you use a normal drop shadow then the graphic is vector but the shadow is raster.

The vector support does need looking at.

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