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Drag&Drop on shape on Desin Template

 Hi isaac,

An issue when you use design template and and a custom shape inside, when you drag and drop an image inside the shape, the image is don't show, for showing the image you need to click on the image -_- as you can see in attachement.


Hi Jean-Pierre, please can you send this url?


Thanks, we fixed this!

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Thanks Isaac still one thing try to on the same link to drag and drop 3 photo on the custom shape and you'll see aproblem with the opacity of the images :)


Hi Isaac,

can you chek again the link on firefox and choose the design with 3 custom shapes exemple, and drag and drop 3 image you'll see a problem with the opacity of thoses images. :)


Hi Jean-Pierre, kindly confirm this is solved.

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Yes it's good now thank you so much. :)


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