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Mobile Version

Up until the new version when using pitchprint on a tablet (10.1") I got the full version of Pitchprint, which worked very well on a large tablet.

Since 8.3 update the tablet is now showing the cut down mobile version which looks horrible on a 10.1 " tablet

Is it possible to revert to full version on a tablet or are we now stuck with this ?

I would like tablets to display full version and phones to display mobile version ?

Hi Chris, we're working on this.



Doesn't look like it is fixed to me ? I just loaded up on a 10.1 samsung tablet, still getting the mobile version and it looks terrible !!

Hi Chris, Isaac and all pitchprint's users, 

Do you know where is Pitchprint with the mobile version ?

I see we can set a special layout for mobile... but does it exist a good layout for mobile ?

What are best practice ?

Is there somewhere a sample working ?


For my use it's always better that the older mobile version it's sure but is not again that, need again to add more module integration on the mobile version like canvas adjuster etc... so for the moment I don't do something special with the mobile version, I wait again the day or on the mobile version it can take in consideration more module, but it's on the right way for the moment and can be use if your design is not too much complex. That is my think :)


Is your e-commerce in production Jean-Pierre now or you are still at the set-up phase ?

Not again in production, I'll past on production at the end of this year max.


I understand your answer if you are not in production. If you was, you will see that mobile is no more an option and everyday we loose client because the interface is far from being perfect on small screen. For instance text editing with mobile keyboard is awful...


I advise you to go to production even with a small set of products. You will see that even if Pitchprint is close to be amazing. There is still some blocking issues on rendering final image/Pdf, performance issues for real clients with designs with multiples pictures and other ramdom problems when client edit several times the same project.

Has someone a good experience on mobile ?

This is one of the many reasons I stopped using Pitchprint. 

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