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Naming pictures

I really like to see a data-name attribute with the file name. I want to use this to rearrange the divs alphabetically based in filename and in the future add a search function.

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Hi Robin, this feature is implemented now :)


Hi, Good to hear that. Will there be a sorting/searching implemented soon? Greetings, Robin
Check your admin dashboard and look on the picture, background or text art gallery, you have a new button when you hover an image where you can add a title and Keywords (separate with comma). Try it and after go on a design and you'lls see under the gallery where you've enter keywords etc.... you'll find a search bar for..... :)


You don't need to add a title for the search box work, you can if you want just add keyword without title and it work also.

If you want reduce the size of the titles of the image on the designer you can add on your layout this code :
.pp-thumb-title {


Thanks. I am away for the weekend so I am checking it on my mobile. Can't the keyword field be auto filled with filename? Or auto add? To the keyword string/array. This would make things a lot easier. Then it is set and done when file is uploaded. Just naming correct will enough to get things started.
Ok, well maybe on a next feature... try to ask that with a new post :)


Will do that. Keep up the good work!!

Do I have to add something to the layout? Because it ain't showing.

The singer in cat [vormen kinderkamer] has a title and keywords, but no search bar is showing.

If you're the last version of Pitch print 8.3 no usually you're nothing to do it work automatic.

I've see you have include on the designer the price of the product wow, it's a custom work for that because it's really fine, need that :)


Hi, yes I implemented that myself.... and more...

I really see no search bar.

Yes I've see on your site no search box, have you enable on the settings section on the dahsbord the 2 options "enable image thumb title" and "enable gallery search" ? :)




(35.3 KB)

yes, I didn't know that. I enabled it and now I see the search bar, but I cannot switch categories. I manipulate cat titles in JS. I strip them.

ok :)


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