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Clickable image mask on Canvas with margin (Canvas left and Canvas top)


We are having an issue with Clickable image masks on a Canvas that has "Canvas left" and "Canvas top" set. The clickable area of the Clickable image mask seems to ignore the set margin (see the attached screenshot).

Clicking on the image mask has no effect, no upload window opens. When clicking on the blanke space (where the Clickable image mask would be if Canvas left and Canvas top were not set) a window does open.

We've contacted the developers through Skype but have not yet received reply, so we are hoping someone has already found a solution for this problem.

You mean if the customer click on your green area for upload an image this image will be on the red area is that ? If it's that it's not possible I think.

If you need that your customer upload an image by clickable image you need only the red area, I don't understand the use of the green area sorry :)


No, when you click on the blue area you should be able to upload an image. Because that's where the Clickable image mask is, but this doesn't work because there's a margin set with Canvas left and Canvas top. Instead, uploading an image works only if you click on the (blank) green area. Which is where the Clickable image mask would be if no Canvas left and Canvas top were set.

Everything in the designer is displayed correctly, except the actual clickable DOM element that excecutes the upload function is not positioned right.

See my attached screenshots. As you can see the canvas element has "left" and "top" set, whereas the clickable element doesn't. But it should.

To correct myself for the devs. the clickable element does have proper "top" and "left" values set for positioning within the Canvas. But it should have the "top" and "left" values of the Canvas element on top of it. So in this case, "left" should be 123px (canvas margin) + 29.2386px (element margin) = 152.2386px

OH yes I understand better, maybe Isaac look that for solved that but for the moment you can maybe desable the clickable image mask and stay on a standard drag and drop...


We have still not received any reply back from Isaac. Drag and drop doesn't work either, so we are currently trying to work without the Clickable mask feature entirely. Though it would be real nice if this could be resolved soon.

Working on this..

Hey thanks for catching this. It's been fixed, you gonna have to update to 8.3 though.


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