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How to add Product Image without it effecting editing for customers

Hi Everyone!

Sorry since i'm a newbie, but I'm having a tough time making the featured product image not effect the canvas editor for the my customers and was wondering if anyone knows how I can fix that.

My Goal: To have a featured image that reflects the products end result, but when the customer goes to edit the canvas the canvas is blank. When they click on the canvas they will immediately be prompted to upload their art or photo.

Any help is greatly appreciated, and I wish you all the best!


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Hi, when you edit the design you have an option "Foreground Image" use that for your use. See in attachement. You need to upload a png file, the transparent part on your png file will be the part where the customer can customize. You need to enter the same size of your png on the setting part on the design.

If it's that you search.


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