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Help with layouts and Cut lines

Hope somebody can point me in the right direction with a couple of things ?

1 - We use a Roland print and cut machine and I cant figure out a way to include a Vector cut line in the PDF that comes from the orders in Prestashop. Even if the cut line in the designer is an SVG , the PDF appears to convert this to a (low res) bitmap and doesn't retain the spot colour details that the roland needs to cut. (I have increased the "convert vector to raster dpi" in settings but would prefer to retain the Ventor in the PDF - Does Pitchprint convert all vector images to raster ?)

Does anyone have any experience of this, print and cut (wall art, Stickers, labels etc) is a big part of our business.

2 - I have no experience with layouts in Pitchprint and am not a coder. Can someone explain in simple terms how I could put a couple of lines of txt above the design in the designer ? (on the light grey area on "top" of the design canvas and below the title ?) I assume it would be a layout but have no idea where to start 

Thanks for any help.

I figured out the Vector thing. I should not flatten vectors in the settings. This works better but now when I download the PDF the vector Shape has a dark grey fill. It has no fill in Corel Draw when it is exported to SVG. It also has no fill when the image loads in the product for the customer to preview. Must be the PDF conversion doing it ?

Using PitchPrint can I add several pages to some print product like brochure?

Yes you can !

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