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Template Colours Module

I hope someone can help wit hthis.

I use the template colours module a lot for clothing - So select t-shirt colout etc.

I have today put some jackets on the site that are all two colours (Varsity jackets with different colour sleeves. I have four black jackets, one with red sleeves, one with yellow sleeves, one wit hblue sleeves etc.

With the colour selector I can only define one colour so I am left with four black options with no way for the customer to differentiate between the different jackets ?

Can anyone think of a work round for this ?


Chris Gee


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It's simple when you add your color and the image for this color, enter the code of the color of the sleeves.
Exemple : your black jacket with the yellow sleeve, enter the yellow color and the image of the jacket with the yellow sleeve.

Like that the customer when he choose the color he choose the color of the sleeve, you can also inform the customer with the intro text for tell that the choose of the color is the sleeve.

One design for one color of jacket, the template color is use for the differents colors of the sleeve. Create a categorie exemple jacket and inside create your designs, one design for black jacket etc.... and enable the design selector on the categorie like that your customer can choose on the designer on the left tab the color of the jacket (the design) and with template color at the right the color of the sleeve.

Hope my solution it's right for you.?


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