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Saved Designs List Management


I just wanted to check to see if the WP plugin could get a little more functionality for managing the customer's saved designs list. I've noticed while frequently using a test account that the list of saved designs can balloon very quickly.

At minimum, it would be great to paginate the saved designs so that perhaps 8-10 of them are displayed at a time, rather than hundreds. If you really want to add more functionality, it would be wonderful to be able to search saved designs or sort by template/product/date/etc.

Thanks again,

-Tyler Rivers


I can't help you for that because I use the prestashop plugin and we don't have the saved design on the customer account if it's that you talking, on prestashop the customer need to go on the product page where he has customize for load/continue the projet :)

maybe an user who use the wordpress plugin can help you or maybe he will add this feature :)


It would be helpful to allow customers to have multiple lists or as I would call them "collections" where they can save their designs.

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Yes I've always say this feature as you say Maria is very important and more sure for the customer, I think is possible to add that.

Exemple in this section "Collection" the customer find the thumbnails preview of him designs with the names of the products and the links for "load" and "delete" something like as we have actually on our back office when we receive an order with a design. If the customer click on load he go on the product page where he can click on the actual button.


I didn't think this thread would suddenly spring back to life.

In the course of customizing the WP site I'm building, I've been trying to add the "customize and re-order" buttons to the prior orders table (pic below), so that customers can find their prior print jobs by transaction.


The only trouble is that I can't get the Duplicate buttons to trigger for the correct design. Currently they are just blank buttons. The product images come through correctly, at least.

If anyone else has had more luck, please do let me know. In the meantime I'll tell you that I'm using a jQuery library called DataTables to add sorting functionality to the table after it loads. This paginates the orders and allows the customer to search and sort to their liking.

Thanks again!

ok you talking for designs after one order, it's great also, we talking for save and continu the design more later for finish it and past the order.


Honestly either or both would be lovely. I'm working on the orders table specifically because our clients have a history of using old jobs as references for new jobs, and this will probably be more familiar to them.

Having "collections" would be amazing though - the customers could save their most-used templates to a "favorites" folder, for instance.

Yes it's true for your use it's also important for our customers also, for re order business card or other products.

Yes "Collection" is just an exemple for the name, will be also name like "Saved Design" and the other part "Order  Design"


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