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A Few Feature Ideas

I've been testing the software for a week or two now, trying to see if it is the right solution for my print advertising company. Here are a few things I think would be very helpful. If any of them are currently possible, please do let me know:

1) Image/Text Art Labels -

It would be great to be able to label images and text art with a name, for easier browsing and organization in their respective panels. My company works with a lot of restaurants that use coupons, and searching the coupons by name or code would be fantastic. If a name field were added, this could be done fairly easily.

2) Image Fields/Snap-to -

I would love to be able to add empty image fields to a design, that the customer could click to fill easily. Draw the size field, and when the customer clicks it, they are prompted to select an image from a predetermined image category. The Image automatically sizes to fit the field by largest dimension (width/height). This also goes along with our coupon-related activities.

3) Non-printing elements -

Being able to designate non-printing elements that won't appear in the final pdf (or preview) would be very helpful. This would allow us to add descriptive information for the customer directly on the design.

4) Customizable Tab Images/Names -

The interface is fairly intuitive, but for our needs I think it would be great to be able to replace a few of the icons with either custom icons of our creation, or a short name that we set. Is this currently doable through the interface templates?

5) SVG/Text Art Default size -

Not sure if this one is currently available, either. I'd like to require the customer to drag/size our SVGs and Text Art as little as possible, so a configurable default size would be great, especially if it were on a per-item basis.

Thanks for creating a really cool product. We are likely to upgrade to a premium license soon, especially if any of these features end up on the horizon.

-Tyler Rivers


Hi, the point 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 and also the point 1 is already possible with the Pitch Print Premium account for enable all the modules.

For changing the type of icon on the tab etc... you can do that on the dashboard of Pitch print on the Layout tab.

For the non printing element is on the designer setting when you create one design you can select that etc....


Can you elaborate on where/how these features are already implemented? I'm happy to hear that there are ways to accomplish what I want, but just saying that 4 of the 5 I listed are possible without saying how doesn't help me very much. I have purchased the premium license so I have all the features available to me.

Of course the point by point.

1. Actually the only way where you can search by name an element is on the module Pixabay, for the rest of your gallery there is no search tab for that the customer tape the name for find the file/image etc.... but you can pass by an another way who is to categories your elements, create some categories as you want on the dashboard of Pitch print, tab image/font/background/color. Like that the customer can see on the designer the list of all your image gallery and load as he want/need. The same for text/art - background - color tab.

2. You have actually when you create a design and you go inside on the tab add an image, a "shape gallery", drag and drop the shape as you want o nthe designer click on and you can select some options. Like that the customer can drag and drop an image inside or click on it for load an image automatic. You can also create your own shape.

For the predetermined image category, you can choose on the setting of the design on the tab "ressource" to include or exclude the categorie of image/text/color etc... as you want. For exemple for one design choose to include one categorie of image that you've create exemple "Patatoes" and the customer when he go on the tab add an image he'll see only this "patatoes gallery". The same for color/text/background/textArt.

3. When you are on your design when you click on something that you add on the canvas you have a panel to the left with some options, on this panel you can choose some options as "non printed element, lock edit, transform lock etc... The option for have the element non printing is "IS REFERENCE" at the end of the options.

4. For change the interface like the icon or the text on the tooltip etc..... you have the tab "Layout" on the dashboard of pitch print where you can edit and modif that if you know the html/css language.

Look at the Wiki of Pitch print, some parts are not update but can help you to understand some options :

I hope my explain help you to see better as you search.

1) As Jean-Pierre stated, only by categorization.

2)You can set any svg as an image mask. You then set the permissions of the shape according to your needs and now it's a clickable and/or drag&drop image mask. The images placed inside will snap to scale.

3) There is a setting in the design properties to set up a foreground image that is non printable that I use for non printed objects and guides. Look in the Wiki for the cell phone cover and t-shirt tutorials. That should walk you through the process.

4) There is a section in the dashboard where you can customize the html, where this is possible. A quick search in the forums will get you the topic.

5) That will need to be done in you favorite vector program before saving to svg and uploading.

Jean, Thomas, thanks you kindly for your information and assistance. After a little more tinkering, I've found the additional functionality that you guided me to.

Part of my problem was that I had deleted the Shapes category from images, thinking that I would start from scratch and build what I needed as I went, so as to reduce clutter. I hadn't realized that the shapes category contained not just SVG shapes, but files with a particular file structure that would allow them to be used as masks. After a couple of attempts, I managed to put together a rectangle shape I can use with the proper XML structure to be used as a mask.

I'll be digging into changing the layouts a little more in the coming days - I've been aware of the feature for a while, but haven't been able to make sense of the layout in the admin panel yet.

With your help, I've essentially solved the suggestions labelled 2, 3 & 5. Still working on 1 & 4, but there is hope for them.

Thanks again,


It's great, for the point 1 you can for the moment categories your text art and images as you want


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