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Webfont.js no respond (too much fonts)


There is a big problem with the way of Pitch Print for load the fonts I think. Because on the products pages on prestashop the webfont.js no respond and freeze the product page so the customer can't do anything.

The problem after make some test is we have more than 10 fonts on the admin panel of pitch print added with google web font or the same with TTF fonts the products pages Freeze and no respond.

So I think actually is a bad way to load all the fonts when we come to the product page directly, and load all the fonts in javascript.

It's possible to see an another way for load the fonts or not in javascript well one thing for that the product page work perfectly even if we have 70 fonts for exemple, because using Pitch print with 5 fonts it's very bad. Thanks

The best option at the moment is to limit the number of fonts loaded into the browser per design. You can always use the resources tab under design configuration to peg the number of fonts loaded per design. The browser can't handle much font due to memory allocation.

Also loading fonts on demand will break that experience of applying a font and seeing it, not waiting for font to load. Besides, the preview won't render if we have to load on demand.

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 Thank you so much Isaac hope see an amelioration later on a new version or patch correction.

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