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Rasterized Output DPI/Filetype

Allow at the account settings to specify global output dpi and file type for rasterized file created by pitch print.   And also allow to override at the General design setting.

User story:

Most of my prints only need 150DPI rasterized file.  For larger banners and billboards I only need 96DPI.

I also only need jpg for most everything.

Currently the rasterized files are 300 DPI and PNG.   Not urgent just would be nice and would save me a step and possibly make the renderings a little faster and smaller in size.

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the application has a globally set dpi for rendering pdf's it is the same for all users as I understand it. To accommodate this changes distiller information ( configuration ) would have to be programmable at the template level. This is more development than Isaac can take on at the moment as the service (as I understand it) that renders our pdfs is currently freeware to keep the cost down.

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