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Instagram images Problem

The PitchPrint developer Instagram account is in Testmode on Instagram, or? I can not load more than 20 pictures from my Instagram account, But I have more pictures. Sandbox mode? 

Can I use my own Facebook and instagram app? This also has a more serious effect on our customers!


API Behavior

The behavior of the API when you are in sandbox mode is the same as when your app is live, but comes with the following restrictions:

Data is restricted to sandbox users and the 20 most recent media from each sandbox userReduced API rate limits

The first point is important and it means that the API behaves as if the only users on Instagram were your sandbox users, and the only media ever posted were the last 20 for each of these users.

For example, if you query the /users/{user-id}/ endpoint and the {user-id} is a sandbox user, then you will get the normal API response; but if the {user-id} is not a sandbox user, you will get a APINotFound error.

As another example, let's consider an endpoint that returns a list of media: /tags/{tag-name}/media/recent. The response returned by this endpoint will contain only media with the given tag, as expected. But instead of returning media from any public Instagram user, it will return only media that belongs to your sandbox users, restricted to the last 20 for each user.

Going Live

To get out of Sandbox mode, you need to submit your app for review. If your app falls into the approved use cases and gets approved, it will automatically go live. At this point any Instagram user will be able to authorize your app, but you will have access only to the permissions that you were granted during the review. If you need access to more permissions, you can submit for review again and you will not lose access to the permissions that you have already been granted.

Hi Alexander,

No, it's in live mode, please see screenshot:


The app has been paginated, can you see the option to load more images?

Yes, when I click on it comes a popup. That disappears again, pictures are not loaded. I try it today on another computer and then give feedback.

the problem is still there, other computer and browser. 

Please fix the Bug. Thanks

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