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Use pages as selectabe layout

 Hi Isaac

Maybe a problem or maybe a next feature so finally is usefull. Actually when we enable the design selector and "Use pages as selectabe layout" for exemple one category of smartphone, one desgin with 3 styles, an anotheer design with 3 differents style, well when we launch the designer if we go on the first design we found the 3 styles ok but the problem is when we go on the second design we find the 3 styles of the first design you see ?

Hi Jean-Pierre, please do you have visuals to explain this?


Hi, it's hard to explain by image, that I've mean is actually when "design selector" and "Use pages as selectabe layout" are enable it's always the style of the pages of the first standard design who are take in consideration on all the other design of the category. Maybe it will be fine if on all the designs on the category if one desin have or need to have a different style of page is take in consideration when we go on this design.

Exemple : one category with 4 designs, the first standard design have 2 pages, one with a blue square and the other with a red square, the other design is the same way but the last design is blue round and yellow cross. Actually if we go on the last design we find the blue square and red square and not the blue round and yellow cross you see what I mean ? :)


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