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Logo design to offer corporate identity kit

Hi Isaac,

I think it's interesting to make a feature that can do something like logaster ( do:

1) I offer a FREE design to my users (I offer a value)

2) the users sign in in my site (so I have his email to send offers and so on with an option page)

3) the users create and edit his logo;

4) the user can download a low-res image of the logo

5) I offer the Hi-res download of the logo at a cheap price (landing page with sale offer)

6) I offer the user with a sale offer for a corporate identity kit (this is only an example)..

I think a process like this con convert more users in buyers...

It's useful If the user can use Pitchprint to create an "Arttext" that  I can put on over design to show other products and to stimulate the user to buy other products just automatically customized...



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