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Text Patterns

I am a new user of pitchprint, starting a company doing personalised printing of clothing, posters, banners, canvas, table cloths etc. (using prestashop version)

I have a couple of feature requests.

1 - To be able to pattern text with a vector or PNG/jpeg. We will be doing a lot of t-shirts etc with sparkle, holographic, camouflage, metallic, animal print text on the t-shirt. At the moment I dont think we will be able to achieve this in the designer ?

2 - The help system seems rather basic, it would be nice to have a help button with just some links to existing tutorials. We are going to have many tutorials (how to design a t-shit, poster, banner etc) in the blog of our site (or YouTube) and would like somewhere in the designer to link to these blog pages (opening in a new window)

Just would like to say that pitchprint is by far the best designer I have come across (and we have tried most of them) !

Chris Gee

Printvent Ltd.

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Welcome on Pitch Print the best of the best :) For the first point that will be necessary to implante this feature maybe because for the moment I can't how you can do that I Thinking to a way but maybe is not you real use :

You can do that by create a custom shape, and you can include thoses shapes inside a new category of picture that you can enable or desable as you want when you edit a design. For create a custom shape :

Then with that your customer can drag and drop your custom shape on the shirt etc..... and also drag an drop inside this custom shape a background, the background is your pattern, the same as the custom shape you can create a new collection of background name "Pattern" "sparckles" as you want.

If you want you can test actually, launch the customisation on a product and go on the left menu to "Add a picture/colored shapes" and drag and drop one on the canvas, after drag and drop a background or image inside and you'll see.

For your second question there is a way for that I think. Go on your admin panel of Pitch Print and on the layout section.

Inside the layout section search this part of code :
<div class="pp-secondary-menus" data-module="sec-menus">
      		<ul data-intro="{help_secondary_menus}" data-step="8" class="pp-sec-menus pp-flex-display">
				<li><a data-type="help" class="pp-small-link-button-trans"><i class="pp-icon-help_outline pp-med-icon"></i></a></li>
              	<li><a data-type="toggle-snap" class="pp-small-link-button-trans"><i class="pp-icon-chain-broken pp-med-icon"></i></a></li>
              	<li><a data-type="undo" class="pp-small-link-button-trans"><i class="pp-icon-undo2 pp-med-icon"></i></a></li>
              	<li><a data-type="redo" class="pp-small-link-button-trans"><i class="pp-icon-redo2 pp-med-icon"></i></a></li>
              	<li><a data-type="zoom" val="+" class="pp-small-link-button-trans"><i class="pp-icon-add_circle pp-med-icon"></i></a></li>
              	<li><a data-type="zoom" val="-" class="pp-small-link-button-trans"><i class="pp-icon-remove_circle pp-med-icon"></i></a></li>
              	<li><a data-type="paste-btn" class="pp-small-link-button-trans"><i class="pp-icon-paste pp-med-icon"></i></a></li>
              	<li><a data-type="exit-group-btn" class="pp-small-link-button-trans"><i class="pp-icon-exit pp-med-icon"></i></a></li>

 You see the line <li><a data-type="help" class="pp-small-link-button-trans"><i class="pp-icon-help_outline pp-med-icon"></i></a></li>

This line is the help button that you can try to change by an html link.

I hope my explain is clear or maybe not :)

Thanks for the reply

I have found the feature to put a pattern in a shape but I need to be able to pattern text. I will be using a lot of fonts and it wouldn't be possible to make a "shape" of every letter of every font !

It is possible as I have seen it in another designer - See the attached picture - the last 3 colours are camouflage, leopardskin etc.. This is a Prestashop add on called product customization 5.0 - The designer is not very good and we dropped it because it had no vector support. In the config colours section you could add a PNG/JPG file to define a custom colour which could be applied to the text, it wasn't ideal as the PNG/JPG would stretch, it would have been better to use a vector as the pattern.

In a perfect world I would like to be able to use custom vector patterns to fill text.

Yes I see so the better way I think is to add the possibility to add a custom color as a pattern in the color panel.


Sorry posted the wrong picture !

Yes as I said before : the better way I think is to add the possibility to add a custom color as a pattern in the color panel. We'll see if Isaac is interested to add this feature or not :).


I think many people could use this feature.


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