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Allow users to rotate page

It would be nice to have the option for users to rotate the page while designing. For example if the page is set for 24 inch by 18 inch sign, they would have the option to rotate it so they would view it as 18x24 instead. It would just allow for easier designing.


You can do that with put this code on your layout
<li><a onclick="PPCLIENT.designer.swapDimensions();" data-tip="Rotation Zone de Travail" rel="tip" anchor="t" class="pp-small-link-button-trans"><i class="pp-icon-refresh pp-med-icon"></i></a></li>

 this line of code need to be insert under this line on your layout :

<div class="pp-secondary-menus" data-module="sec-menus">


Thanks @Jean-Pierre

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