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Allow Customers to Download

 Is there any way that the customer can have access to the PDF, PNG that is created and given to me in the dashboard after the design is finished/purchased? I honestly would pay money to have this feature to be added. I'm short on time and love this app and don't want to move to anyone else. Can any one help? Right now I am stuck sending the files via email after they purchase.

I am trying to use this app for print and digital graphics like social media, powerpoint, website banners, and postcards etc.

Really would like this option and serious about being willing to pay to have this option added.


Is there any way to enable the same generate PDF on the customer layout just like whats in the admin layout?

I found this script in your code and was wondering is there a way to modify it so that i will work on my customer site please.

<li><form id="gen-pdf-from-des" target="_blank" method="POST" action="">
            <input id="source" type="hidden" name="source">
            <input id="inlinepdf" type="hidden" name="inlinepdf">
            <a id="pdf-json-submit" class="pp-large-icon-only-btn" href="#"><i class="pp-icon-file-pdf pp-large-icon"></i></a></form></li>

I too would find this a useful addition for some clients. Do let us know if it would be possible.

Congratulation Isaac for this new integration.


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nice! where/when is that download button supposed to show in the shopping cart (here: shopify)?

after the customers' purchase? thanks!

Yes after the customer finish him design when he back on the product page where you have the buttom start a new design etc... and add to cart, you'll find the new buttom "Download the project"


I would love to use this feature if the download would appear AFTER checkout. Because customers will be able to download the product without paying, which does not serve the purpose.

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Actually is that, the download buttom is before the add to cart


That's the problem, Jean. The download button should be after checking out and paying, not before. (At least, in my use case scenario) 

Ok yes sorry, yeah acutally this option is not famous for my use why ? because the customer can download the file for go on a other shop :)

So in this way yeah add this option after the paiement only is a good way. Even the best of the best will be to have a section by customer on him admin account of the store, inside the customer can load a project file that he's not finish and download the file that he've finish and paid.

I've already talking about that, and it's a more secure and best conversion like that than go to the product page for continue the project. It's more simple to go on the customer account and open a tab for exemple "my projects". After make that in real with all the plateform etc... is maybe not simple.

question to you guys using the button, is the downloadable pdf low res and somewhat "protected" (from the customer)? our use case would be like a low res / non editable pdf proof. if customer can access pdf high res files (e.g. by opening the pdf in .ai) we wouldn't/couldn't use it for wrtwork licence reasons...

Yes as I've said it's my first reason that actually I wouldn't use that because the customer can make the design and go away with the pdf render and that is bad. That's why the download file need to be after the purchase only and not before if this option is enable on some designs.


@Issac, are you guys working on a feature like that to allow customers who purchase digital files only to download printable PDF after checking out and paying?

The download before is optional. Actually we did it because there was growing request for it from some customers; you can read the first post here. And that is why we made is specific to each designs.

As regards having them download from order, yes we can put that in the general store settings.


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