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Photo Book and Calendar


Have you thinking to add a module as Photo Book?

what this module can do on Pitch Print ?

On the customer designer part :

1. Show all the pages of the design for exemple on the left panel with the image, text,background . show as thumbnail.

(in this way the customer can know wich page he has already custom and how many pages there are).

2. For the image uploaded section. When the customer add an image on the canvas the image is check by a checkmark

(in this way the customer can know that image is already used on the Photo Book.)

3. And need to be compatible with design selector.

* For the Calendar Module is on the title, make the possibility to generate one grid of dates by month, a grid for 6 or 12 month. Because actually I've try to do that with uplaod the grid on .png but the png is a bad quality.


Anyone ?^^


Thought over this, so much to be done, so much ahead :)

This will go with version 8.3 as there is need to generate live thumbnail and dispatch it so the module can update previews on the left panel.

As regards being compatible with the design selector, that might be much of a burden, perhaps having to select multiple designs in that module might be the better idea, so they can switch design by previewing the pages in it as against listing the designs as is currently in the design selector.

Kindly explain what you mean by generate grid of dates??

Yes, Waiting the 8.3 so^^. Generate grid of dates, as it say by itself, a good way for that the customer can add the dates on the calendar template. With differents model of grid maybe that we can add and create myself on the admin part of pitchprint.

For the calendar and also the photobook you can see some exemples on this link for give you one think :


Ok I get, the dates should be generated by the app instead of uploading photos of the calendar dates 

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Yes is that, ok.


Hi, can anyone tell me when version 8.3 is due to be released? 


There is no official date for the moment, Isaac is still on.


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