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Import Design List

There is an export design list button but I was hoping there would be an import design list button. I'm going to have a lot of clients who own a web2print store online that I will be setting them up with their own pitchprint account so that they have their own set of designs. When I set them up with an account I want to be able to import my premade signs that come with the website. Instead of making the same ones over and over. Is there a way to do this already, or some way to duplicate designs?

Maybe a new feature.

Hi Danielle,

Thanks for the suggestion. The thing is, the current export feature does not export the entire design, it simply export very few details which are required for API integration for those who do custom integration.

As is, if those stores are managed by the same admin, you can always copy designs from one domain to the other, just not in bulk but if you need to do that, it's something we can help with from our end.

All the same, I have set it as planned so we can implement it fully in the near future.

Hi Isaac, 

Is there a way to import designs from Illustrator or photoshop? Currently, I have all the customer's design in Photoshop or Illustrator. What is the best way to include those design in PitchPrint?

Looking forward to your response.



Hi Sulayman,

No we don't have that. It's a bit difficult transferring between them with fidelity


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