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Documentation for PitchPrint settings


I couldn't find documentation that describes the meaning of the different settings, for example what Snap Range, Anchor are or what the difference between template image vs. background image etc. Is there such a documentation somewhere that I am missing?

Thank you

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You can find a documentation here :
Some parts has changed and there are not all the settings but..., don't hesitate to ask here on this post if you search the detail for a fonction.

THe difference between image and background image is :
Template image is good for t-shirt etc...
Background image is good for all the design .png for exemple frame, mug etc....


When adding new color, do I need to add the code for RGB and CYMK? Or one is enough? What's the format to enter CYMK?

It's better to add the RGB and CYMK, with that you are sure for the color render on the pdf.

CYMK format is  C Y M K exemple for one color :
RGB : #000000
CMYK : 86 85 79 100


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