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Hide Personal colors in front end user

I'd like to hide Personal Color for user in the front end, how can i do it?

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Hi, the same way That I've say here but for the color :


I want to disable color picker for the user: the user can use his personal color and use rgb color and rgb color are bad printed in cmyk!
Ok maybe look on your layout, search this part of code :

<section class="pp-select-sec pp-flex-display pp-col-sel-sec">
              	<select data-type="change-color-cat" id="pp_color_selector" class="pp-gallery-selector pp-color-select"></select>
              	<a data-type="show-custom-color" data-tip="{custom_color_tip}" anchor="b" class="pp-select-after"><i class="pp-icon-color_lens  pp-med-icon"></i></a>
              	<a data-type="show-opacity-tool" data-tip="{bg_transparency_tip}" anchor="b" id="pp_bg_opacity_btn" target="bg-color" class="pp-select-after pp-select-after-last pp-show-transparency"><i class="pp-icon-brightness-contrast  pp-med-icon"></i></a>
          	<section data-type="color-clicked" class="pp-color-panels-div-parent" id="pp_color_panels_div"></section>
          	<div data-type="color-picker" class="pp-color-picker-div" id="pp_color_picker_div">
              	<div id="pp_color_picker"></div>

 Save your layout before, and try to delete that in relation with color picker. Maybe the way it's on that I think.


Try to delete this line
<a data-type="show-custom-color" data-tip="{custom_color_tip}" anchor="b" class="pp-select-after"><i class="pp-icon-color_lens  pp-med-icon"></i></a>


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