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disable upload function at background


I wanto to disbale the option file upload at background. So that people can only select a color.

How can I do this ?


Look in attachement in your admin of Pitch print, the setting of one design for exemple in the ressource tab you'll find "background" choose "Include" and stay empty the selection. When you go back on the designer the tab "Background" for the image is desable.

It's the same way for the background color etc.... you can also in the same window (setting of the design) in the general tab the last option "default tab" that is what the customer view in first when he start the designer.

(59.1 KB)
Sorry for the attachement but the size of the png is not my fault, since some days all the attachement file show like that -_-


YAY thank you very much ! This is what I need ! ;-)

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