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Thumb of the project on a Pop up Slide


This feature is usefull for the designs with more than 1 page, exemple 2, 3 or more page. And very usefull when you have a Book template for exemple with 20 or 40 pages, it's crazy to have 20 or 40 thumbs directly on the product page/cart/order detail.

It's better To show the thumbs of the project on the cart/product page/Order detail just one thumb and when the customer click on the thumb open a pop with a slide with all the thumb. What do you think about that ? :)

But if page one is the same, and difference is in the other pages, then it will be difficult identifying which.

E.g an order for two or three greeting cards, each same front but the inside differs. In the cart, you have to open each to see which is which because they all have same front. What do you think?

Yes but you know is not for change the system of generate the thumb preview just optimise the place for them without change the system actually. It's perfect on the product page, and it will be the same on the cart and order history, one click on one thumb open the pop up slide like on the product page with inside all the thumb for the project not for all the projet add on the cart.

All of that is for don't have a cart with 50 thumbnail of projects... you see better that I mean ?

Look the attachement here :

a quick exemple actually how the thumbnail show in the cart with a project with some pages. is just not possible no ? :)

On the exemple the customer click on the thumb where I've writing "Ok" and that open a pop up with slide with all the thumb inside like the product page.

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