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Submit/preview not working


While making this video, another error actually occured.

Platform: Wordpress/woocommerce OS:iOs (ipad)

1. Whenever a picture is previewed it does not show up the first time - I must go back and submit again to se the preview. I should note that althoug it is not previewed the first time it does get added as a product with the right picture.

2. As seen in video, a bug occurs the 3rd time i try to preview, and I am not able to continue. Actually I hadn't experienced this problem before shooting the video.

Please have a look. Thanks


Hi Nokolaj, have checked the video and observed the issue to be that you clicked the finished button while the image was still loading.

When customers click an image, the app loads the thumbnail version and scales it up as though the actual but then it is blurred due to the scaling while it goes to fetch the high res version used for real rendering. It was in between that loading that the preview button was clicked and as such the canvas couldn't render.

We just solved this by disabling the preview button, basically all the primary buttons (on the top right) till the image is fully loaded so people don't get into situations like this.


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Hi Isaac

Thank you. 

I turned off the background template, and without the template everything works like a charm.

But the problem persists with the background template on as this test product should demonstrate:

Is is great how the template is changing size wit the canvas, but it seems the canvas output is the the issue...

Sorry should have mentioned in the first post, that the black edge was a template.

Hi, please can you restore the product back, can't seem to find it:

Hello Isaac,

disabling buttons while image loads is indeed a great idea.  we have a similar issue when image is loading and user clicks on left or right arrows (for 2 sided products) everything disappears.  any chance those could be disabled until image has finished loading?

@Marco, done.


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