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Facebook and pixabay tab not showing

Platform: wordpress/woocommerce

No matter what design I use, I don't have the facebook and pixabay options.

I have not disabled this on dashboard.

Have a look at this please:


I should note that I have tried several themes including the theme you use in your demo - still not showing the pixabay and facebook tabs.

I should also note that I am using wordpress version 4.5.3

Checking this..

For the Pixabay, you need to enter in the username comma apiKey without spaces. I see we need to put that instruction better.

But for the Facebook and Instagram, it works pretty well for me here:

What do you have on your screen?

Have modified to allow for only Pixabay apikey, so you can leave it as is.

I can't see issues with the Facebook or Instgram from our end.

Thank you for ýour help - It works!!

2 hours ago the FB tab popped up, then an hour ago the pixabay tab popped up.

My pixabay search get's a "network error. please retry.." Pixabay tell me that I am not active until I have uploaded 10 pictures. Perhaps that is the reason!?

Last question for now if you don't mind - when i add a facebook picture from the tab it is in worse quality compared to if i download from FB to pc and the insert. Is there a way to fix that? I will be quite dependant on providing relative high quality prints of peoples FB images.

For Pixabay, you need to ask them to enable your APIKey and make reference to PitchPrint. Not sure if they now changed their terms though.

Yes, Facebook only releases low-mid res pictures in their APIs for obvious reasons, they don't want a clone :) But we use the highest of what they provide.

Great. You definately solved it :) Thank you.
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