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design, image and clipart import

 I have ticket opened on 5th of jully( ticket number #2535 ) and I did not received any answer till today.

In absence of support from Pitchprint staff I put my question here maybe someone could help me:

1) When trying to add a design to a product in opencart, we have to save the product 2 times to have the design to prevent this.

2)In pitchprint admin area I try to change the theme but the save buton in top of the page is not clickable so I can not save.what is the solution

3) In old version we had some background and cliparts with web2print(Flexcubed version) but here in pitchprint there is no cliparts neither image in admin area, is it normal?

4) to add our own cliparts or images, what is the clipart and image type?

thanks to all

Please post screenshots.

For the part 4. you can add in preference jpg and png, for custom shape svg by following that :


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