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Test Alignment object size and Bad PDF output

When Pitchprint generates a PDF from a template and user input it still will randomly change text alignment in the output. Text blocks will change from right alignment to left alignment and move on the document.  I do not understand why this has not been corrected. The output still moves all over the place and it is unacceptable. Will we ever get correct output of a PDF form pitchprint. If a text block is set at an origing point in the document of x 2.0000 and y of 1.0000 (assuming that we are using good practice and are using 4 digit precision regardless of unit of measure) wen the pdf is rendered the d*** output should be exactly where the object was placed and at the size it was placed, typed or edited and with the text block alignment, returns and line spacing.

We still see scaling of svg's and as well wher th euser sets the SVG to a size and when the pdf is rendered the object will be scaled down about 10 to 20% to the bottom left.

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