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How to customize background preview and editor?


In your dashboard of Pitch print go on "Layoutq" menu and in the part where you can add a custom css add that :

.pp-pack {
  background-image: url("theurlimageforthebackground.jpg");
  background-repeat: no-repeat ;
  background-attachment: fixed ;
  background-size: cover;

And for the preview backgroud that :
.pp-preview-main {
  background-image: url("");


Thank you so much!

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Seems like the .pp-preview-main stopped working with the recent upgrade. Did anyone else notice that?

Yes if you want to have the same background of the designer instead the black background on the preview try to put that on your custom Javascript on the settings on pitch print dashboard.

PPCLIENT.overrides = {

"runtime.ui.config.dimPackForPreview" : false



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It works! Thanks a lot Jean, you are the best!

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Great :)


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