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Loading time of product's page with many designs

Product's page loads fast but design drop down selector stays unavailable for about 10 secs. This is for product with 20 designs. This situation is similar to editor's load time that we had before.

I believe that users will get frustrated and leave site. 

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we have the same issue, saved designs take forever to load.

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The same on Prestashop and also before to start the design when we are on the page product page, micro lag and freeze while few seconds.


Saved designs load in 14 sec. Only 9 designs. Too long.

Hi guys, we moved database over to Atlas this weekend and optimized few collection indexes.

Still some few optimizations needed on the code side but things should be pretty fast with multiple designs and my saved designs now.
Can you please confirm..


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Yes it's better, please Isaac have you the time for my request remember I can't receive the project in the order detail on the back office of prestashop. And the thumbnail is not showing in the customer order detail, thanks.



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