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SVG load too big on PP canvas

 when choosing an svg art file from the picture panel, they load way too big onto the designer's canvas (instead of original size of artwork)

I think they load at their actual size, every SVG file has a canvas size attribute, set when its created. I use 50mm wide/high and it seems to work well, but I imagine if you had a one meter sized artwork to place it on, it may disappear! Don't know if Isaac can do anything about that.


thanks steve, that sounds reasonable/likely... will check on my svg-settings. might have exported some canvas setting along with the artwork.


Can you please share the apiKey in a ticket as well as the images used?

If you enabled DPI check and you upload files that are of low resolution in relation to a current design,automatically the image has to be shrunk small in order to conform to that rule. And as Steve shared above, that will be dependent on the design you are loading into.

Sample images, the apiKey and designs will help. Thanks

i have PNed you


Didn't get any ticket from you.

#2595 i just send it. monday mail must have failed to get thru

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