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Preview Image Request

It will be good if you can have the possibility to open a window with the previews designs with two or more pages to the customer check even after making the order, in costumer order info.


It will be opti if you have only a thumbnail preview in the cart and order history and when we click on it open a popup window with the thumbnails of the project one, in this scene is great when we have a project with more that 1 page. Because actually when you have a project with for exemple 20 pages, have 20 thumbnail show on the cart or other... is not opti. no ?


Jean, how you add show 2 pages of design in cart? Example "Carte Visite".


On you adin part of designer, 1 = duplicate the page and 2 = create a new page. That is for exemple have a front and back for your business cart and other prints, or some pages for album etc...


You don't get the point. Im talking about the cart page. In opencart is default appears only one image preview and in yours appear 2 images previews like the print a send.

Ok I see I don't touch anything for do that I'ml on prestashop so maybe is the difference between open cart and prestashop.


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