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What the Best Way For Multiple Custom T-Shirt


What is the best way for exemple :

If one customer need to custom a T-shirt, ok he select the size etc.... and launch the designer, he finish him custom t-shirt and Add to cart, but how when the customer for exemple need 1, 5 or 10 or more T-shirt with the same design project ?

i'm on shopify, so i don't know if this works for you as well. you could do this with a special product page layout that has a size & quantity matrix instead of a simple "add to cart" button. that way you can gather all sizes & quantities in one order step...


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Thanks yes i'm on Prestashop and I've see a module for that, maybe I'll take that I'll see. Thanks


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IMHO that is the beauty about PP's approach of integrating with shoppping carts:
only take care of the design part and leave the rest (like names & numbers, extra charges, etc.) to the carts.
IMHO what is ? a module for shopify ?


PPs simplicity aka not integrating things like these into PP.

that way it stays lean and very flexible across multiple shop platforms. most other design modules offer a vast amount of extra features, which turn out to be buggy or not supported with the various different shopping carts.

oh. you mean IMHO? = In My Humble Opinion


Ah ahh yes I've learn today a new world "IMHO", sorry I'm french. Yes the best way if I understand is on product page with a module like that : right ?


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qui :)

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ok good;


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