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Mask photo constraints problem

It doesn't work fine!

If you add an image in to a mask and change the dimension by the corner, it changes the proportions between x and y measurement!

Try it!

Yes, that's if the image has been scaled fully in the other direction, it's not a problem, it's a feature.


When you sale while still large enough on both sides, it scales proportionately but when either of the edges touches the mask and you keep scaling, then it will start scaling non-proportionately but when you scale back out, it resumes the proportional scaling.

I understand what you have done Isaac, but this feature seems not so good for me... I would prefer you stop reducing by the corner when you are at the limit... If the client wants to change its photo non-proportionately (very rare case), he has still the possibility to use the side button of the photo.

It is known by user that reducing by the corner is proportionnally. Here you change a basic rule and in general it's not good to change basic rule in user interface.

But what is really bad, is the bug introduced with constaint mask when you rotate your photo... Since the change, user can't rotate their photos.

But I already signaled it to you in #2442.

Seems correct, they can modify using the middle buttons. Check this out:

Isaac, it seems you change the behaviour to what I propose... Isn' it ?

But in your sample, in some cases, photos are still modified non-proportionately by the corner buttons...

Isaac, try to put in a mask an image from PIXABAY...

@Jimmy, thanks for pointing that out, we now load the full resolution image from Pixabay, quite slow to load though because it's high resolution and heavy:

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