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Which browser is best?

 Just wondering if current users of pitchprint V8 can chime in with their opinion of which is the best allround browser for Pitchprint? About to launch our store and am coming from V6, so have no experience of which browser will in general give the user the least problems with this HTML5 version. I intend to put a help file on site suggesting "use xxxx browser for the best results".

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It's very hard because for exemple you'll find a bug on firefox but the same bug not here in internet explorer or chrome but you find other bug on internet and chrome that you don't have on firexox :).....

We hope that Isaac check all the problems on all the plateformes and browser before to start something new on the module because that not be useless to add more things by here and here and stay a famous module not 100% work properly.

Well, Firefox is the best actually.


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