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Black color is filling transparent parts

Hello Pitch Print !
I have a new question today : is it possible to change the default background when the image is generated from black to white.
Here is my problem : I'm currently trying to set up products with a default background that contain my cut marks. In order to do that, I have created a rectangle with red borders and with no color inside (SVG). But instead of staying transparant, Pitch seems to fill in black what is transparent. This is a major problem, because my customers can't see a thing on what they have done once the project is validated. I was also hoping to use the design selector so they could pick up the template that is best for them (instead they have too choose from black squares).
You can see an example here :

I have also linked a PDF with the render I need.

So, is it possible to change the black to white (from what I have access to), and where can that be done ? I have tried different things (put a white square as reference, setting a white rectangle as template image, layout modifications etc.  But none of these works or at least, not without bringing themselves their lots of problems.

Thank you by advance,


EDIT : Apparently, the black background is coming as soon as the SS3 server comes in and generate the preview. So it's definitely out of my hand. Though I don't know if you can do much about it Isaac.

Hi Quentin, why not fill the rectangle with white? PDF will end up being generated with white all the same??

Hi, any progress on this, Quentin?

Hello Isaac,
I have no update on the matter. This particular problem has gone quite low on my "to do list". I'll keep you informed if I ever solve this.
I think that putting a white rectangle would do the trick. It's just I'd rather not add forms, since this particular product is not meant to be printed but to be engraved.

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