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Can't save the Design on the Store

 Hi Isaac

We've wanted to see if you have chekc the problem for thumbnail on the bill and the cart but today I'm an error.

On the product page when I launch the design and click on save, I don't redirect on the product page I stay on the designer? I've see with firebug the error message that you can see in attachement.

YOu can test here :

(7.8 KB)

Same issue here

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Great, So no great but I Mean I'm not alone :)


@jeanpierre, you posted the issue 7 hours ago...has anyone gotten back to you?

no nobody


I just got back from church.  I lit a candle and said 2 prayers, have is on the way!

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I just wanted to add that if the user is logged into his account prior to designing the designs do get saved to his account, but can't checkout from designer.  but if he goes to his account and click duplicate design button he will now be able to checkout from store with this design.

Yes, the customer not logged to the store who start a design, the design not be save, he can customize and add to the cart him project. If the customer is logged to the store and after he start the design so he can check on the designer and go back later for finish the project....

But the most important don't forget the problem that we have actually who is can't save design for add to the cart on prestashop (Isaac check my description on this post:). Thanks


So I guess not being able to complete a sale is not important???

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We have the same issue here. We think it's coming from the canvas adjuster module, but we have no solution for the moment.

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Yes it's true only with the canvas adjuster we find this problem


Yes...Canvas adjuster module it is!

Isaac re-put the cable in the wall :)


why is it working for you now?...still not able to save with canvas adjuster module here.

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