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ppCanvasAdjustment woocommerce

Hi Isaac,

Would it be possible to calculate the adjusted canvas price (ppCanvasAdjustment variable) & display within the app i.e. the user can see the cost of the sign they are designing? at the moment, the customer only gets to see the cost after the 'on submit' function is called and the design is submitted

Best wishes


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Hi David, could you please check if this works for you at the moment


Hi Isaac, looking good! I can see that the calculated price is now displayed in the woocommerce product page field (when the user inputs the dimensions)- though the customer would have to scroll down the page to see the price (see attached) I was thinking, perhaps, that I could now try & call that function into the actual APP layout somewhere using the woocommerce price shortcode? unless you have a better idea!

Thank you very much for giving this idea your attention

Best wishes


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