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PDF Formatting

 I've noticed that when I upload a PDF as a user upload image on the Shopify platform, the formatting of the text often breaks (ie paragraphs become a single long line) or images are missing.  Is there a way to display the PDF exactly as it appears in it's original format?  This is imperative for us since most of our customers will be upload PDF business cards, brochures, flyers etc...

Also, would love it if it were possible to add a button to fit the width to print or even automatically fit to width?

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That may often than not happen because the files needs to be converted to SVG. Browsers' canvas elements don't support PDF so we had to convert them.

To get an exact replica of the PDF, the best option will be to flatten the file. You can do this in Manage -> Settings, there you will find options as shown:

After setting them ON, try your upload again in the front end.

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We also have this problem but changing the settings as explained above does not alleviate this problem.
There are no line breaks and the font changes.
Would be grateful if someone could look at this
Elaine Baker


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