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The actual problem on Prestashop Version


This is the list that can I've see for problems on the prestashop version of the module :

1. The micro lag when we go on the product page wo use Pitch Print is not good. (we don't have that before your big update of the admin part. don't mean the last with the dashboard but before.

2. The loader gif when we finish the design not correct on firefox and internet explorer, on Chrome is Ok for That.

3. Sometimes we find this (see in attachement the png N°15) close and refresh make the issue of that.

4. The Help Panel with the step (review thoses step and apparence, on a black background is not famous maybe just show the step on hoover). Actually the step 1 ok but look the step 2 is cut. the other step also. On firefox, little less on internet explorer.

5. On Internet Explorer look the thumbnail of the image (shape, form etc...) in the designer. There are cut.

6. LAg, lag and lag when we put our custom shape on firefox, on internet explorer and Chrome we have not this lag but try on firefox to put on a design one of my shape (see in attachement png n° 11) and drag and drop an image inside you'll see what I mean. It's more lag if you put 2 or 3 or more. Check

7. On Internet Explorer you upload an image inside the Designer ok but when you drag and drop the image on the canvas the image is duplicate on the left panel. 1 drag and drop = 1 more image in the left panel etc.... Check

8. On Internet Explorer, click on the customize button for launch the designer and you'll se the loader gif not in the center but on the left completly. Chrome and Firefox is Ok for that.

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(38.7 KB)
(34.9 KB)

 up this topic for solved that when you've the time Isaac :) thanks

A big up for this topic and also the ticket that can't have the design project in the order on the back office will be nice one day thanks. ^^


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