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Custom integration of PitchPrint editor/designer


I've posted a ticket for my problem, but maybe it was more appropriate to post it as a forum topic.

I'm very interested in the PitchPrint solution, and I've tried to follow this tutorial

in order to integrate the editor in a custom website, but without success.

I managed to open the editor window, but the editor seems to miss a CSS file (see the screenshot below).

The CSS file is not found (404 error) : 

asked by jQuery library (jquery-1.10.2.min.js, which is the version used in the tutorial).

The "designer" JS object is correctly created (I can log it on the console), but then I get a JS error from the pitchprint.js library :

 Cannot read property 'top' of undefined

The screenshot below shows these error messages from the browser inspector.

Any help would be very appreciated.

Thanks a lot


Hi Bruce,

I'm Pitchprint user with a custom integration.

I'm still not in production because of remaining blocking bugs...

Despite Pitchprint is a wondefull tool, the documentation is not up to date at all for now.

I have put some comments in this article : to help people, but they are still waiting moderation.

Maybe Isaac can publish my comments to help you.

Cheer up !


Kindly use the SDK for integration we are developing a separate integration documentation on at the moment which is more current.

Here is the SDK:

Nice Isaac !

Maybe you can put the link somewhere in the documentation to avoid new customer wasting time with obsolete code. ;-)

I'm still waiting your feedback on #2180.



Thanks a lot for your help.

Please let us know when the documentation will be available, even if it is not complete.



Thanks Sylvian, just did. On your ticket please. Thanks.

@Bruce, we are almost done on that. Kindly check the dashboard for Monday updates.

same error.... I have created a ticket

Bruce and Sylvian,

Are you, by any chance, integrating with Magento 2.0?



@Margareth, we responded to your ticket.

@Maria,very much; we are working on that at the moment.


yes, sorry I know, its working for me now. 

Hi Isaac,

How is the Magento 2 integration coming along.  Please advise.



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