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ability to have artwork multiply on background in designer (= sublimation printing)

 when using sublimation printing, white can't be printed, thus, colors just add to the background/canvas color. e.g. when printing on a heather grey tshirt, the tshirt color & heathered look will multiply into the design. is there a way to prepare our svg files accordingly to preview this effect? if no, it would be nice to have a check button to activate this visual preview in the designer

i think this should rather "stick" to the product than to any graphic element (if this whole thing is possible at all)
potential workaround: have a foreground picture that multiplies the texture/color onto the rest?

here is a visual explanation of what is needed. i tried around using a foreground images (png with transparency) - didn't work. is there any other workarounds for this?

basically the design canvas and its content should multiply to the background image.

this is only needed for previewing purposes in the app. printing files are exactly the same like normally.

thanks for your help isaac!

I understand that you need I think (I use also sublimation), while this time the better solution is to write this information with some images exemple for the render of the white color or other exceptions on the grey t-shirt etc... on the product page.


yep. you're right, for now this would have to do it.

since this is the feature request section however, i figure i keep this request up and alive.
IMHO the smartest/easiest way to realize this, is to have a toggle "on/off" for the foreground layer to multiply onto the rest. (like the toggle "print foreground"). that way the design canvas functionality (and its files) remain untouched, but visually the online preview will be somewhat closer to the finished product.

i am a big fan of PP's simplicity compared to other solutions on the market. however i think this request doesn't add unnecessary complexity but helps achieving a more wysiwyg result (even for other production techniques than sublimation).


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Yes you're right me too^^.


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Just a suggestion...

Perhaps you can edit your artwork to reflect the transparency to show the substrate (background) through.  You can do this with either png or most vector formats.  You would need to set anything with a white fill to no fill.

You cannot do it with jpg.


 hey maria, thanks!

i tried using transparent pngs which didn' t bring the results i am looking for (see the attachments of my 3rd post). but you're right - i'll try to set all colors to "overprint" in illustrator. not sure however if this will be carried out in a svg at all. not sure of any other settings for vector files that could help, other than "overprinting".

also, setting the original artwork to always multiply / be transparent would cause a problem if users start building mashups with it - the design element would always blend in with what's underneath it...

by now, i really do think that being able to multiply the foreground onto the graphic layer would be the cleanest and easiest way to achieve this wysiwyg-improvement.



cheers! T

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