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shopify app > can't switch to premium plan

i am trying to switch to the premium plan using shopify. doens't work.

btw: are the costs adding up? (shopiy app 29 + premium plan 49)?


Hi, the Shopify App is billed once by Shopify. You don't need a separate PitchPrint billing.

The price for Shopify is $29 and that's all you pay monthly. It's out introductory pricing pending when we add more features to bring it to parity with other platforms.

So there is no basic in Shopify, because the platform allows wither paid or free, not both and in effect to allow people set up stores, we gave 30 days trial of free features. Billing starts after the trial period.


cool! can you tell what features are missing in shopify at the moment compared to the other platforms?


At release last week, we didn't have customized picture in the cart nor the ability to load and modify projects from the order page in admin but we just implemented those over the weekend and is available now.

Pending are selection of category as so users can pick designs. For now, only single designs are supported.

Also pending is the ability to re-order a design from your accounts page.


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