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Browser scroll bar in designer


Browser scroll bar is not showing in browser when using design tool.

Hi Marco, is this in inline mode or full screen?

full screen

In fullscreen, we did that because there's no need for browser scroll bar if the app is fullscreen. The app fits the window area and no need to scroll, thus wasting screen-width area with a scrollbar.

I understand your point in wanting to preserve as much space as possible.  On the other hand we offer large format items such as  banners, when user zooms into their work and want to move around the design they don't understand that since there are no scroll bars they can use this: and it's also not very intuitive.  just my opinion.

Yes, that's why we made it that customers can pan after zooming in to an extent that the canvas is cut off like you rightly showed. Perhaps a notification poping up to alert them of that icon will suffice but scrollbars? I don't see them fit inside that UI especially the bottom side.

Will figure a way to work around this.  was thinking about something like this:

Oh noo, those scrollbars look ugly, sorry :( Besides, it cuts off the working area to just the center of the screen. Even if we have to, they should at least be at the far edges, to give more room for work as well as use tiny more appealing scrollbars. Am just afraid they won't fit at the bottom edge.

LOL! I agree they are ugly and i'm of the same advice that they should be at far edges of the screen when user has zoomed beyond screen size.
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